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Looking for the latest trends? For a delicious centre piece? For real must-haves that don't hurt the planet and look out of this world? You don't have to look any further: We will answer all those questions right here at 'edible by Aggy'. We've got everything you need to help you to celebrate in best style.

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edible by Aggy - Food Art By Aggy Dadan

Outstanding edible works of art as seen on UK and worldwide TV - ITV, All4, BBC, the latest Channel 4's Extreme Chocolate Makers, BBCStyle, Global and many more. Aggy Dadan is a food artist specialising in personalised centre pieces and chocolate sculptures, as well as simple recipes for you to follow from her BLOG Baking with Aggy.


'Edible By Aggy' is a brand created by awards winning celebrity chef and The Food Artist - Aggy Dadan.


Aggy and her team specilize in pushing the limits of delicious, edible art and are always looking for a new challenges. Their works of art and exceptional centrepieces leaves the clients and their guests raving, creating the very best memories and stories that last a lifetime. 


At 'edible' we are using only natural, enviromentaly friendly ingredients and is !00% plastic FREE!

They bespoke, custom made sculptures are the perfect piece for any celebration including wedding, birthday, christening and coorporate events or a parties.


Aggy Dadan is known for her Hollywood and UK celebrity clintelle, high profile private and comercial customers including Channel 4, ITV, BBC, HBO, Warner Bros & Cadbury just to name a few.



We are integrating passion for traditionally prepared and baked full of flavour food and art.


For those who appreaciate fine dining combined with the unique and exceptional skill of sculpting & food making, involving highest attention to detail to create a story to be a real work of edible art.


Using only the finest, highest quolity ingredients and organic where possible in everything Aggy Dadan makes to bring you the very best.


Over the years Aggy has developed her own recipes and flavour combinations that are distinct and lucious.


At 'edible by Aggy' not only we prides ourselves in quolity but we are very passionate about the enviroment and helping to reduce plastic waste and polution.


With 100% plastic free comitment, our packaging is made from plants and it will compost within few weeks in ordinary home organic matter waste and our cute metal tins can be saved or recycled.


Saving rain forrests with totally palm oil free produce. 


Saving your health with no nasty additives and only natural ingriediends.


Saving the planet with our zero waste policy so when our art is eaten is gone forever!!!




Please check our gallery for some of our previous work and clients.


Please get in touch via contact form by submitting the relevant information.


All food scultptures can be delivered and set up or collected from our Cotswolds shop in Cirencester however some of the largest instalations require special care and handling so please ask for more details.


'Edible By Aggy' will deliver to the whole of the UK and worldwide and we have experience delivering to the most difficult locations including boats, ships and remote places. 

The best ever!

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'That's the best cake I've ever had!'
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