Hello all, well the time is finally here for us to start our baking blog. We have been award winning cake designers and bakers for over 3 years.  We want to start sharing with you the amazing recipes, techniques, decorating skills and overall mesmerizing world of baking art.


We are Aggy, Andy and Zara, we are Cotswolds Finest Cakes. A young family from Cotswolds with a passion and determination for creating outstanding bakes and desserts every day. You can always find us in the kitchen, thinking up new recipes and plenty of testing the final products. We always bake together getting Zara involved as much as we can; teaching her all the secrets behind an exceptional bake and extending our skills. For us it’s a family time and we always have as much fun as possible. Even if does it get a bit messy, at the end of the day this is all part of the baking fun.


You can expect to read everything about our baking journey. From making full on OTT showstopper wedding cakes, to a simple loaf of bread to enjoy with a home made bowl of soup on a Saturday afternoon.


We hope you all will follow our new blog and will get involved by trying our recipes and giving feedback with photos on how you all are getting on with the baking.


We want to help spread the baking world as far as we can and get everyone involved in baking as much as possible.


If you have an hour free one day, what could be more satisfying than quickly whipping up a treat? Fabulous simple yet delicious cake? Warm fresh bread? Or even a full on dinner party dessert (even if it’s just for yourself) and enjoying the adventure with us.

Baking isn’t something just for grandma to do and it doesn’t need to be just a Victoria sponge!


Let us push the limits of flavors and get the whole family involved in creating some outstanding bakes. We hope to show you new techniques, methods and recipes to really get everyone involved and jump into the new world full of adventures. Enjoy all the benefits of having the baking knowledge to create some real show stoppers. So let’s get them aprons on. Fire up the oven and really get stuck in. We hope you will join us in sending us pics of your bakes to really inspire others to join this amazing world of baking!


Aggy and Andy (and Zara)

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